LIARD Firebox


The professional portable outdoor, wood burning firebox.

A Swiss engineered, warp- and rust-free firebox for outfitters, hunters and trappers, canoeists and other outdoor enthusiasts!

LIARD FIREBOX   The concept of the firebox is a well proven one. Using small pieces of wood in a concentrated area, they are ideal when you want the warmth of a campfire, in a safe, functional and environmentally conscious manner. Fireboxes have been used for many years by outfitters, hunters and trappers, canoeists and other outdoors enthusiasts and are usually made from normal metal sheet.
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What makes the LIARD FIREBOX different from other fireboxes?
The difference is in its engineering and quality.  Other fireboxes will rust and warp.  The LIARD FIREBOX will not rust and will not warp. Manufactured in Switzerland, constructed with stainless steel, using patented* design improvements, the LIARD FIREBOX is the most convenient there is.

(* patent pending)





Safe & Environmentally Friendly
Easy to assemble and disassemble, the LIARD FIREBOX allows you to have a contained fire just about anywhere.  While open fires can be dangerous and leave unsightly scars, the LIARD FIREBOX allows you to dispose of your ashes safely, leaving little or no trace of your fire behind. When you’re done, the Firebox packs up quickly and you’re on your way!


Great for Cooking
The LIARD FIREBOX makes cooking easy. Because of its efficient design, the LIARD FIREBOX burns far less wood than an open fire and concentrates the heat to the to grill plate.  The sturdy design also makes boiling a kettle or cooking a soup a breeze. Grilling meat is a treat, thanks to the LIARD FIREBOX’s easy to clean material*.
* For your own safety, please take care when preparing food around wild animals.





The fire tray can be raised with stones so you can bake breads and other treats between the bottom tray and the fire tray.


Caring for the LIARD FIREBOX
The LIARD FIREBOX is designed to be robust and will show little wear even after frequent use. There are no bolts or pins to break or lose.
Some brown discoloration on the components should be expected after using the LIARD FIREBOX.  While this does not affect the functionality of the unit, you may choose to clean your LIARD FIREBOX on occasion. If so, use a standard low-abrasion cleaning cloth and an environmentally friendly soap.  If you are cleaning your LIARD FIREBOX in the field, please dispose of wastewater well away from bodies of water.
You may notice some parts of your firebox bending slightly after being heated or cooled suddenly.  Do not be alarmed.  This should not affect the functionality of your LIARD FIREBOX.  After giving the parts some time to cool (approximately an hour), the part should return to normal.  If it does not, you may choose to manipulate the part by hand.